Run for your life

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I started running and my life changed.

It’s been almost two months since I put on my running sneakers and decided to explore the city – and myself. It has become a form of meditation to me, a way to forget about the constant rumbling of my thoughts and focus on a very specific activity: pushing my feet forward. Physical fatigue is so precious and yet so underrated; we come home after having spent most of our time brainstorming ideas, thinking of possible solutions to problems – and possibly creating even more problems.

At the end of the day our brain is drained and we feel like we are unable to do anything. A tired mind is useless and painful to live with. On the contrary, the exhaustion of the body is relieving and makes room for rest and peacefulness. I run every other day and the very thought of doing my routine gets me excited to go home, wear my running gear and go out no matter the weather conditions: rain and wind used to discourage me but now I see them as bearers of new challenges.

I am not afraid of being disconnected from my mind and of letting my body perform an automatic action because it is the only way I get to nurture also my spirit. As I already mentioned, my mind gets enough of my attention during the day and it absorbs most of my energies. Still, I believe the philosophical proposition «I think therefore I am» by Descartes has ruined the Western civilisation way too much: we’re not defined only by our thoughts (mind) but also by our actions (body) and our beliefs (spirit).

We must seek balance between these three elements and this can be sometimes difficult. The spirit is the hardest to nurture… You can feed your mind with good movies and amazing books, you can feed the body with some great food. But the spirit lives off something that it’s neither physical nor intellectual. The spirit is all about what keeps us alive; it’s our motivation, our inner flame which makes us feel unique and – at the same time – connected to the rest of the world.

Running is helping me achieve this awareness and has kickstarted a spiritual journey within myself. Now it’s time for some geeky stuff… I have found myself to be much more comfortable with evening runs: I get to explore the city and to release endorphins at the end of the day, which makes me feel great afterwards. To track my performances I use RunKeeper and my training program – which by the way I highly recommend – is the one by The Guardian (beginner and advanced). This is my favorite playlist (hosted by Spotify). Special kudos to the beautiful website RunLovers, which greatly motivated me to get started.

3 thoughts on “Run for your life

  1. So great that running has had such a positive impact on your life. You hear so many stories about how hard it is to get into and it feels a bit more like you fell right into it. Great for you!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I think the secret is all about your true motivation: if you are an athlete you obviously want to do sacrifices to constantly test yourself. I am not an athlete, I don’t have milestones to reach and I do it mostly to unload my mind and enjoy some good time.


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